Sun Valley Taxes


2010 Property Tax Levy (per $1.00 market value)
Sample Residential
  • Ketchum Total- 0.005962994
  • Sun Valley Total- 0.006765475
  • Hailey Total- 0.007211297
  • Bellevue Total- 0.007148320
  • Blaine County (unincorporated)- 0.005759804


HOMEOWNERS EXEMPTION: 50% of market value of home of the first $100,000 assessed at 100% market value (not including land).


Personal state income tax – The State of Idaho imposes taxes against the income of individuals. The rate is graduated based on net income and ranges from 0 to 8.2%. (8.2% starts on taxable income of $40,000 married, $20,000 single). Idaho's tax on an income basis is 86.7% of the national average tax, making us the 35th in the nation (1995 average).