Sun Valley Business

The Wood River Valley, home to many sophisticated businesses, meets the needs of its community with a wide variety of services.

Federal Express offers daily pickup six days a week U.S. Postal Service is available 7 days a week. United Parcel Service, including 2nd Day Air, operates Monday through Friday. Saturday deliveries only for Next Day Air.

Website designers, Internet providers, e-mail services and custom computer software is available from numerous local firms. Local companies offer a full range of secretarial services including word processing, call forwarding, dictation, convention support, notary services, residential property management, and mail pickup and forwarding.

An extensive number of attorneys practice general litigation, business and real estate law in the area. Complete accounting services are available in the valley at a selection of accredited firms. Local printing and design services offer computerized typesetting, local printing, instant printing, blueprinting, and local and national advertising capabilities.

Office supply outlets provide furniture, computer supplies, typewriter and equipment purchase and rentals and copying facilities in addition to a full line of art and office supplies. FAX, Telex and Western Union outlets are available locally.

Qwest provides the Sun Valley customer with state-of-the-art digital telephone service including advanced custom calling services such as caller ID, priority calling and call waiting. Sun Valley is linked to the electronic superhighway with a statewide long distance fiber optic cable that is capable of handling high speed data transmissions in addition to long distance telephone calls. Extensive cellular service is provided in the area by 2 carriers, Verizon Wireless and AT & T.